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We help you to achieve competitive advantages in your business with data & AI.

Dataciders GmbH is a leading service provider in the German-speaking world with a focus on data & AI. Our vision is that no one will ever have to make bad decisions again. For our clients, we uniquely combine deep Data & AI expertise with domain knowledge and the ability to implement end-to-end solutions.

Better decisions with Data & AI
Successfully organizing data is the foundation for making good decisions and using artificial intelligence.
A perfect fit for your challenge with end-to-end solutions
Successful applications reach from the data to the user and effectively support business processes.
Competitive advantage through good processes with strong domain expertise
Understanding the technicality is essential for high-quality end-to-end solutions that benefit from the use of data & AI.

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Lünendonk study
Dataciders meets Lünendonk: On the megatrend of data products and decentralized data management

The increasing importance of data, the rise of AI and the focus on data products thanks to decentralized approaches such as data mesh show that companies need to prepare for a data-driven future. The challenge is to adapt organizational structures, strengthen data expertise and promote interdisciplinary approaches in projects. Companies that recognize and embrace these changes early on will be better positioned.

In the video, Dr. Gero Presser and Christian Schneider from Dataciders talk to Mario Zillmann from Lünendonk & Hossenfelder and provide insights into the dynamic development of the D&A market. Download the study.

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