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In the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, quality assurance along the entire product lifecycle is crucial. Our expertise in product lifecycle management and supply chain management enables these companies to optimize their processes and ensure the quality of their products. This increases time to market and improves customer confidence.

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By using active metadata, a system can contribute significantly to speeding up clinical trial design processes. This makes study design more agile, as changes or adjustments can be captured and integrated into the system immediately. This reduces the manual effort and error-proneness that can occur with traditional processes. Such a system thus promotes efficiency and accuracy in clinical trial design and implementation, ultimately leading to faster and more accurate research results.

Using our focus on Data & Analytics, we can help pharmaceutical and chemical companies implement GxP-compliant data management and analytics processes to provide quality-assured, reliable data. Through our expertise in product lifecycle management (PLM), particularly digital twins and product data management (PDM), we can ensure seamless documentation and traceability of products, which is critical for GxP compliance. In addition, our expertise in supply chain management helps ensure GxP compliance throughout the manufacturing process through production resource capacity management and material cost controlling.

A central DataHub plays an essential role by bringing together and integrating diverse data sources from marketing and sales. This enables a holistic view of customer behavior, preferences, and interactions. Combined with closed loop marketing based on continuous data collection, analysis and customization, it enables optimal customer targeting. The DataHub provides the necessary insights for targeted campaigns, while Closed Loop Marketing ensures that strategies can be continuously refined. This synergy enables highly personalized and effective communication in the pharma environment, ultimately leading to improved patient care and experience.

In Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) for the Pharma & Chemicals industry, we leverage our broad portfolio to efficiently manage the entire project lifecycle. Incorporating our data and analytics capabilities, we support informed decision making and optimize resource allocation by providing detailed project data analysis and forecasting through Business Intelligence & Analytics and Data Science & AI. In parallel, we leverage our expertise in product lifecycle and supply chain management to ensure that projects are in line with product data management, product development processes and production resource capacity management requirements.

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