Green PLM: The key to a sustainable economy  Diana February 20, 2024

Green PLM: The key to a sustainable economy 

Dr. Jörg Lüddemann
Dr. Jörg Lüddemann

Society and our industrial companies are currently being intensively affected by ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues. Sustainable consumption and production as well as climate protection measures are key criteria to which every company aligns its products. This paradigm shift towards a more environmentally and socially responsible way of doing business requires far-reaching changes in companies, both in production and management processes. 

Entire process chains and networks of industrial companies in development, production and supply chain must be further developed so that a coherent management of the supporting ESG data can be realized. This means that companies must not only optimize their own processes, but also bear responsibility for the entire supply chain to ensure that products are manufactured in compliance with environmental and social standards. Manufacturers of multi-variant products in particular are increasingly confronted with complex requirements from ESG regulations.

On the one hand, reporting obligations must be fulfilled, while on the other, decisions must be made at an early stage of development about the entire (green) life cycle of the products, which require very extensive information. These decisions not only influence the environmental impact of the products, but also their competitiveness and marketability as well as the overall perception of the brand.

For us as Dataciders, Green PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is one of the key topics.

In our portfolio, we combine our expertise in data & analytics with our specialist focus on PLM, SCM, ESG and the product development process, among others, so that we can comprehensively map the challenges of a sustainable circular economy and value creation. This goes far beyond meeting regulatory requirements and will increasingly become a competitive factor in winning customers and employees in the future.

Green PLM Conference in November

With our Green PLM Conference on November 14, 2024 at the EUREF-Campus, the real laboratory of the energy transition in Berlin, we offer a platform for an exchange of challenges, ideas and concepts. We invite you to become part of the Green PLM community and work together on solutions for a more sustainable future.

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